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A great place to start is to attend one of our upcoming Open Houses. They're free, and allow us to share how we can help equip families with an intentional plan and practical tools to get back to God's original design for family. A healthy family is for everyone, and we're here to help address pain points and send you on a healing and transformative journey back to The Garden! Click here to learn more about our Open Houses (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Absolutely! The Family Legacy work is applicable to all family stages, no matter the ages of your children. The work is easily transferable to a variety of family configurations we find in today's families. Randy and Lesli started this work when their children were adults. It's never too late to transform your family and future generations!

All of our protocols can be tailored to accommodate children of all ages. If they can speak and have some general understanding of what's being discussed, then they can participate (families have reported back to us that kids LOVE this stuff and are super excited to be engaged!). For children not yet speaking or for those not quite ready to provide input, they can still be included. There's immense value for little ones simply being in the same room, soaking up the information. Our biggest piece of advice is to make it FUN!

Yes! History proves this to be true. In the eight major civilizations Randy studied, all eight reported that the demise of the family brought about the collapse of the culture. As goes the family, so goes the culture. What does this mean? It means that leaders ultimately determine the health or sickness of the society by the choices they make from the character they have. The character of leaders and their resulting choices are formed in their families. All culture is downstream from family.

Prayerfully begin. Transformation takes time. Our thinking must change before our feelings and behavior ever will. When it’s all said and done, we are each personally responsible for our part. We have learned that when one person in a relationship or a family changes, that the dynamics of the relationship or family changes. Be patient, persevere and keep doing this with God’s help.

Yes, absolutely. What we teach is based on a Biblical worldview and belief system. If you want your family to operate according to God’s original design, then our Family Legacy work can work for you and your family!

We love partnering with churches whether through conferences, small groups or by having church staff join our classes. Additionally, our dream is to have a trained Family Coach Specialist in every church. We are very flexible with the needs of a church body so we encourage you to contact us to discuss your church’s specific goals or needs.

Absolutely not! Many people who learn the protocols do so only to lead their families through transformation, healing and provide a way to train children how to do this with their families for future generations.

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! Many of our certified Family Coach Specialists walk their extended families and friends through some of our protocols. One of the most popular and easiest protocols to walk others through is our Family Ritual. It’s a loosely structured yet intentional gathering around the dinner table where everyone shares wisdom, stories, FUN, and encouragement. Who doesn’t love good conversation and good food?!

In short, because it matters! It matters to God, it matters to your children, it matters to your generations, it matters to your community, it matters to your nation and it matters to the world. Every family will leave a legacy either by design or default. The question is, “What family legacy will you choose to leave and why?”

First, we want to acknowledge you for recognizing that your family needs help; that’s huge! We have certified Family Coach Specialists throughout the US and Canada to help you. You can view certified Family Coach Specialists accepting new families here.

Of course! We’d say there’s actually no better time to start this work than before you have children. Any work to heal and grow we can do before having children will only positively benefit them. A special note about singles - you still have a family. We all come from a family. So regardless of whatever season of life you find yourself in, this work is applicable to every aspect of life involving other people.

We absolutely can IF you’re committed to doing the work. The tools are proven but only if they are used. This work isn’t passive; it must be engaged with to reap the benefits. We like to remind people it comes down to choice. For families who choose to lean in, healing is possible. As you heal and restore your own family back to God’s original design, the impact will be great. Your family’s future generations will be positively or negatively impacted by the choices you make today. A healthy family is for everyone!

A global movement to restore families back to God’s original design. We do this using a biblical worldview coupled with principles of emotional intelligence and a coach approach to communication. We offer classes, conferences, coaching and other personalized events to engage with the protocols so you can learn how to implement this work in your own home. We also offer a family coach certification track for those who wish to work with other families, helping them along their healing journey.

Thank you! There are four main ways to engage with us. A simple first step may be attending an upcoming webinar or listen to our podcast to learn a bit more about us. For some, reading our book, The Family Legacy: Shaping Culture from the Inside Out, is a great place to start. For others, they are ready to dive completely in and sign up for our upcoming classes to start implementing the protocols with their own family. (These classes are also required for those who wish to become a certified Family Coach Specialist, walking other families through the protocols). Lastly, you may just be looking for a community. We have a tribe of people just like you that come together monthly for a time of prayer, accountability and support.

Our protocols are split up into three classes, and they’re offered live two times a year –  Family Legacy Part 1: Culture & Identity, Family Legacy Part 2: Traditions & Legacy and Family Legacy Part 3: The Coach Approach to Family. Our classes take a practical approach to living out family as God’s designed. We focus on emotional intelligence, traditions, family and personal identity and creating meaningful legacy that lasts for generations to come.

LIVE VERSION: For 16 weeks, we get together via Zoom and work through the protocols as a group. Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to walk through a protocol with your family and then report back on the following week’s session. At the end of 16 weeks, you will have a greater understanding of why family matters, how to do it according to God’s original design and will have had practical experience implementing the protocols in your own family. Friendships are cultivated, accountability is a byproduct and on-going support and prayer are just some of the benefits of our time together. It’s a rich experience! Click here to learn more or to register.

VIDEO VERSION (SELF-PACED): For those who have schedule conflicts with our live classes or want to go it on your own, you may purchase the courses online. You may also engage with one of our Family Coach Specialists for support as you work through the protocols. Click here to learn more and purchase the video version of our courses.

Absolutely! The Family Legacy work is applicable to all family stages, no matter the ages of your children. The work is easily transferable to a variety of family configurations we find in today's families. Randy and Lesli started this work when their children were adults. It's never too late to transform your family and future generations!



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