The Family Reformation Project

When we experience God's design for family, heaven is revealed and culture is transformed.


Decide which FRP track is right for you.

Individual Family

Where the rubber really meets the road. Reform your family and your legacy.


Individual Church, Business or Organization

A reformation in the families of your enterprise.



A Family Reformation "as one" for your entire community.




A National Strategy for the reformation of the families in your nation.


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The Core of the Family Reformation Project (FRP)


While there are four tracks and multiple delivery systems for the Family Reformation Project, the heart of the FRP is the international best selling book, workbook, and FRP Digital E-Course- "The Family Legacy - Shaping Culture from the Inside Out" by Randy Bixby.


The Details


What’s unique about FRP?

    • a comprehensive, systematic and practical strategy that transforms families and cultures
    • tools for families to use in creating healing, growth, purpose, and legacy generationally
    • transformational experiences through innovative conferences, training, coaching and resources.
    • a solid Biblical foundation
    • integration of emotional intelligence into the context of family
    • use of a coach approach in the family
    • transferable process for generational impact
    • experience-based training methodology
    • intentionally designed for maximum legacy benefit
    • more than sixty experiences and tools to equip families with a step- by-step how-to framework.


The Family Legacy Model provides a meaningful blueprint for cultural transformation from the inside out. 


Where do I go from here?

  • Recognize the need for a family reformation movement in your family, church, business, community and nations .
  • Choose to take personal responsibility and join the Family Reformation Project. 
  • Determine which track is right for you.
  • Get started Today
  • Bring others with you.
  • Reach out for help.


Why FRP?

  • heal your family 
  • live your legacy
  • shape culture in the process
  • help others
  • start now


How to Join the FRP (Family Reformation Project)

  • go to
  • click sign up button to receive your free gift
  • select 1 of 4 tracks of the project
  • Follow the steps for your selected track
  • While tracks vary, they all include these core elements
    • survey
    • purchase materials (books, workbooks, FRP E-course)
    • complete the FRP Course- 
    • survey
    • testimonies
    • sign the FRP FLGC
    • Determine a family, business, church, community or nation to mentor
    • become a FRP Advocate, Mentor or volunteer
    • receive FRP Certificate of completion