Our in-person, large group format for Family School.

Welcome! The Empowering Families Conference is great for congregations/groups that wish to spread out our teaching over the course of a year. Our delivery system is simple. Give us an 8-hour day once a quarter, and we'll begin equipping your families and imparting hope. 

At the end of a year, your families will have completed Family School, and are considered graduates! Throughout that year, they also have the opportunity to become a part of our Tribe community to stay connected, encouraged and accountable as they walk out their family's journey of transformation and healing.

A typical conference walks families through all six of our protocols practically and with support. You are, however, welcome to craft a custom conference package that addresses the specific needs of your families  (i.e. spending more in-depth time on certain topics). You provide the space and gather the families, and we'll provide everything else!




Creating A Healthy Family Culture

A healthy family culture is built on love, support, forgiveness, trust, safety, purpose and fun, and it's rooted in emotional intelligence (EQ).

As families discover EQ and relational insight, they're empowered to love one another authentically. They're equipped to use EQ tools for healthy communication, conflict resolution, self-awareness and personal responsilbity, creating a home culture modeled after God's design!



Establishing Your Family Identity

For a family to know who they are and what their purpose is, they must first know who God is and who God says they are as individuals.

We help families visit past generations, turning "on" the good flows (God's blessings, character and nature) and turning "off" the bad ones (things that don't reflect His character and nature). And we teach families how to establish character, core values and purpose to create their legacy, impacting generations to come.


Creating Intentional Habits & Traditions

For families to truly thrive in the fullness of God's design, healthy family habits and traditions need to be established, intentional and celebrated.

Regular times of meaningful connection must be prioritized, family vacations should include adventure, imparting wisdom and creating memorable experiences, and families need to know how to address life's storms with purpose, love and unity where everyone shares responsibility.


Imparting Your Family Legacy

Family legacy is more than passing down generational wealth. It's all the other "stuff" that truly matters. How are families passing on identity, core values, wisdom, mission, character and blessings? How are they equipping their children to "do" family as God designed?

Many struggle with "the how to", and that's okay. We are here to help families understand the importance of leaving a Kingdom legacy behind with all of the "stuff" but also brimming with the character and nature of God.



"If you’re a pastor, we want to encourage you to host a conference. Give your congregation the tools to equip them with healthy communication and a way to take their family from a dysfunctional way of living into a healthy way of loving on each other just as God intended."

Mike & Dr. Ernestine Graham | Spirit Wind Healing Ministries | Phoenix, AZ

"After experiencing The Family Legacy Encounter Weekend with Randy and Lesli, our family culture changed. We are now aware of the Kingdom legacy our family is called to steward. There is more intentionality in our relationships, and our family bond has increased. Our three adult sons and daughter-in-law have a model for a Kingdom family that will pass on for generations! After our personal family transformation, we invited Randy and Lesli to take all the families of our church through a Family Legacy Conference. The fruit has been amazing and ongoing!"

Pastors Pete & Lisa Dresser | Metro Detroit Christian Church | Detroit, MI


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