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Family Legacy Part Two: Traditions and Legacy





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Course:   Family Legacy Part Two- Traditions and Legacy cover Protocols 3-6) 

Mondays 5pm-7pmPDT/6pm-8pmMDT 7pm-9pmCDT/8pm-10pm EDT  

July 24, 31st

August 7, 14, 21, 28

September 11 and 18, 2023

“Whoever wins the FAMILY, wins the culture in the end.”

Dr. Randall Bixby

 “Wise people are builders, they build families, businesses, and communities. Through intelligence and insight their enterprises are established and endure.” Proverbs 24:3 TPT

Part 2 is a practical interactive course that will empower you to build a thriving family, an enduring legacy, and a transformed culture while also equipping other families as a Family Legacy Coach.

The Family Legacy Model is a simple, enduring, transferable framework to do family. The six protocols and practices that follow intentionally build the family as designed while teaching our children and grandchildren to do the same.

The protocols provide a simple process that families can use to transform individuals and families from the inside out so the generations downstream can experience healing, growth, and success in life while imparting these practices to their children and grandchildren.

Practicing these protocols will cut off the power of negative generational influences. Practicing them will preempt the toxic indoctrination of our godless public and university education systems. Living the protocols will empower our children to think critically and objectively beyond the smoke and mirrors of the deceptive mainstream media and keep them connected to the God of their faith, working with Him to succeed in a long and prosperous life.

The most important focus for a healthy world is truly healthy families who are producing healthy children who become healthy leaders at the decision centers of culture while equipping their children to do the same.

How is this course different? In a few words, it’s more than theory and concept. It is a practical how-to course with more than sixty exercises, experiences, and tools to equip families.

Important Distinctions of the Family Legacy Model

  • biblically based and designed
  • integrates emotional intelligence into the context of family
  • use of a coach approach in the family
  • transferable process for generational impact
  • experience-based training methodology
  • intentionally designed for maximum legacy benefit
  • more than sixty experiences and tools to equip families with a step-by-step how-to framework

 The Family Legacy Model provides a meaningful blueprint for cultural transformation from the inside out

This course is part 2 of The Family Legacy Coach 3 PART JOURNEY and addresses protocols  3-6 of the Family Legacy Model.

All culture is downstream from the family. Family creates culture. Healthy families produce healthy culture. Learn how to restore families to God’s design, starting with your own family.

 This course is for you if …

On a personal level…

  • You love your family and want them to thrive in every way together no matter how old they are now, what they have been through, or how impossible that may seem.
  • You want to see your family reconnected, healed, and successful.
  • You want to create a safe, loving, fun, supportive, and healthy environment in your home.
  • You want your children to know their identity, values, and purpose and be equipped to live them successfully.
  • You are looking for a better way to “do family” with greater emotional intelligence and a coach approach that transforms family dynamics.
  • You want a practical blueprint and tools that will ensure a significant and enduring legacy.
  • You’re committed to building a legacy of character in your family and a legacy of true wealth.
  • You want a process for passing on the most important things in life—wisdom, understanding, and blessings—while teaching your children how to do the same.

 On a Leadership and Strategic Level…

  • You resonate with the calling to influence culture for the better by raising leaders in your family with character, emotional intelligence, leadership insight, and authority at the gates of culture.
  • You are looking for an answer to equipping families in your sphere, business, church and community to thrive and impact culture as a Family Legacy Coach.
  • You are responsible for equipping pastors, leaders, organizations, or movements to build families, businesses, communities, and culture.You resonate with the seven-mountain cultural transformation movement and are looking for a comprehensive, practical, and effective equipping strategy (family, government, business, education, media, arts and entertainment, and religion).