Family Legacy Part Three: The Coach Approach to Family


Family Legacy Part Three: The Coach Approach to Family is a practical interactive course that will empower you to build a thriving family, an enduring legacy and a transformed culture while also equipping other families as a Certified Family Coach (if that's your desire). 

Coaching is the master skill in today’s rapidly shifting world whether at home, at work or at church. Coaching develops people. It increases emotional intelligence and develops leaders while promoting accountability and adaptability that applies to every aspect of life. 

The Coach Approach to Family ...

  • Is the final course in the Family Legacy Coach Certification journey.
  • Teaches seismic shifts in how you disciple, discipline, counsel and lead those you have been entrusted to steward.
  • Teaches a complete set of coaching skills that expand your effectiveness as a leader while helping you accelerate the growth of your family, friends and other families in your business or organization.
  • Is an interactive course that helps you effectively coach your family and the families of others into a thriving life and legacy creating a coaching culture to help them heal, grow and thrive.
  • Will teach you important facilitation skills and how to lead families through the Family Legacy exercises using the book, workbook and e-course.
  • Is for people who feel called to restore the family back to God's original design!

“Whoever wins the family, wins the culture in the end.”

A 3% processing fee is added. Pricing is per household.

We have a "use it, never lose it" policy. If you use engage in the work as directed and complete the courses in full, and are unsatisfied, we may apply those funds to any other product or service we offer. No refunds are issued.

$422.00 USD

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