Have you tried traditional leadership methods without success?

Perhaps they lack the impartation and equipping the Kingdom Leadership Series provides. Discover what you have been missing and learn to lead on earth as it is in heaven. You will be transformed and become a better leader as you gain confidence, transforming your sphere and culture from the inside out.

What you'll get:

  • Revelation, understanding, impartation and application around how to "live it to give it". How to BE a supernatural Kingdom leader and what to DO as a result.
  • Tools for personal, organizational, and cultural transformation, healing and prophetic ministry, and the ability to govern self, sphere, and culture. Each digital training in this series is delivered in audio Mp3 format for convenient learning.
  • Four essential trainings for leading on earth as in heaven. (24 hours worth of equipping)

            1. The Epic Life Conference: EQ and Leadership workshop (6 hrs)

            2. The Healing and Prophetic School: Equipping You for Supernatural leadership (6 hrs)

            3. The School of Transformation & Integration: The "how to" for Personal, Organizational and Cultural Transformation From the Inside Out) (7 hrs)

            4. The Governmantle Revelation: The ability to govern self, sphere, and culture resulting in maximum Kingdom imprint! Learn how to live and lead from the inside out. The real-time revelation and impartation that brought transformation to people, organizations, and state government. (5 hrs)

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$102.00 USD