The Coach Approach to Life & Ministry: SELF-PACED VIDEO FORMAT

The Coach Approach to Life & Ministry

Format: Video (self-paced)

Instructor: Dr. Randall Bixby

Coaching is the master skill in today’s rapidly shifting workplace. It increases emotional intelligence and develops leaders while promoting accountability and adaptability that applies to every aspect of a minister, manager or leader’s role. In The Coach Approach to Life and Ministry, you’ll learn how to use coaching for many aspects of your professional and personal life. You are in for seismic shifts in how you teach, disciple, counsel and lead those you have been entrusted to serve.

The Coach Approach for Life and Ministry is designed for leaders, pastors, business owners and managers who want to gain transformative coaching skills to:

  • Build trusting relationships
  • Lead others effectively
  • Develop and retain team members
  • Increase the emotional intelligence of team members
  • Enhance problem-solving
  • Expand team members self-awareness and personal responsibility
  • Improve communication
  • Unlock creativity and innovation 
  • Measurably grow your people and your business
  • Strengthen accountability

$258.00 USD