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What the self-paced challenge includes:

  • CHALLENGE 1 - UNIFIED IN DESIGNRETURN TO THE GARDEN! Discover God’s original design for marriage and choose to become ONE.

  • CHALLENGE 2 - UNIFIED IN SPIRITIGNITE YOUR MARRIAGE! Learn to walk together as one in God’s Spirit. 

  • CHALLENGE 3 - UNIFIED IN MINDGET IN STEP! Experience the power of walking together in agreement with God.

  • CHALLENGE 4 - UNIFIED IN EMOTIONENTER in-to-me-you-see … INTIMACY: to know and to be known as one.

  • CHALLENGE 5 - UNIFIED IN WILLMAKE THE SHIFT! Not my will but Thy will. Submitting to God and to each other; His will, His way.

  • CHALLENGE SEX (6) - UNIFIED IN BODYDO IT! … FOR LIFE! Enjoy God’s design for sex and glorify Him.

  • This six week, self-paced course includes:

    • A 53-page digital workbook detailing each week's lesson.
    • Six live class videos between 75 and 90 minutes in length for each challenge.
    • Six podcast recordings from Transforming Families with Randy and Lesli on being UNIFIED in marriage.
    • 12 marriage tools including healthy communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, core values, how you make decisions, listening prayer, "The Bucket Exercise" and more!
    • Marriage tool videos.
    • Class assignments or your weekly "heartwork" (be sure to download the workbook!).

A 3% processing fee is added.

We have a "use it, never lose it" policy. If you use engage in the work as directed and complete the courses in full, and are unsatisfied, we may apply those funds to any other product or service we offer. No refunds are issued.

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