Randy, DMin, PCC, CUCG, is a speaker, author, success coach, and trainer specializing in leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, spiritual formation, and team building. He holds a Doctorate in Leadership and Cultural Transformation.

His passion is to transform lives and shape culture from the inside-out by building families, businesses, and communities. 

Randy’s experience includes being an all-star athlete, a Pastor, a National Denomination Executive, a founder and director of two Non-Profit organizations, a Legislative Chaplain, Founder and President  of Character Genetics and Cultural Architects.


Lesli Lamb-Bixby - ACC, is a powerful woman who carries a "mama heart" that brings healing, encouragement, and purpose to all she encounters. She walks in the wisdom of God and loves people well.

She is a co-founder and a full partner in The Family Reformation Project, an ICF certified ACC life coach, a co-facilitator of our training, speaker, and soon-to-be a published author.

Lesli retired from more than 30 years in commercial insurance and is affectionately called "Bucket" by her grandchildren. Luckily for the family, she is a FOODIE! 


Randy and Lesli provide innovative, experiential, and sustainable solutions to leaders at the gates of culture through speaking, training, coaching, e-courses, and resources for generations to come.


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