"I experienced more than personal renewal; I experienced a revolution in my faith and the conviction that God is calling me back to the front lines of life and ministry. My sense of hope, vision, and energy began to stir and then to rise to levels that I hadn’t felt in a number of years. I found that the practical tools I took from the workshop were sharp and effective, whether I applied them to my relationships or to my career. I’m aware that these lines probably sound a bit ‘over the top.’ But they are true and these transforming experiences and tools have stayed with me, continuing to energize me, and to direct my focus. "

Ray Befus
Coach / Trainer

"Engaging with Cultural Architects is a must for anyone wanting to take their life to the highest level possible ""

Gordon Pennington lll
Thought Leader / Consultant / Founder Burning Media Group

"To experience sustainable, personal fulfillment life demands we actively engage with it DAILY. Cultural Architects provides the best hands-on training I've experienced anywhere to develop this vital life skill."

Adam Sherwood
President MAPI-NAPA

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