Family Legacy Book

The Family Legacy- Shaping Culture from the Inside Out

How to lead you family, live your legacy, and shape culture in the process.

Get the best selling book and learn how to transform your family, your business, your ministry, and culture for real. 


The Family Legacy Workbook

This 214 page workbook is perfect for the family or small group choosing to take action regarding their family Legacy!

The workbook has detailed, step-by-step guides for the more than 60 experiences included in the book. 


Free Book Tools

 Get the Free tools mentioned in the book in Digital PDF fillable document format. These tools will make living the Family Legacy core protocols in your family possible. The tools have step by step instructions for every exercise.

Family Legacy Subscription Membership

When you become a Family Legacy Subscription member, you get exclusive access to member only resources, tools, podcasts, how to videos, e-courses, teachings, discounts to live events, coaching and more for less than .33 cents a day for a whole year. (for a limited time)


World class EQ analytics for leaders, managers, sales force, teams, families churches, and more. 

Take your team and your results to the next level with a customized development coaching plan using the Wiley Publishing suite of leading assessments.


Here from our clients firsthand around their experience with Cultural Architects Speaking, Training, Coaching, Assessments, and more...

Cultural Architects Media

Samples of CA media available in the Network: Blog, Podcast, Webinars, Video, E-Courses, Assessments, etc.

CA Promotional Materials

Flyers, Promotional Videos, press releases, Event Templates, etc.


The Cultural Architects Journal- Journeys of faith and character that shaped history from the inside-out, is a five-week journey for readers of personal growth and development. You will experience the character qualities required to shape history from the inside out as a Cultural Architect.

With inspiring daily short stories of biblical, historical, and contemporary leaders along with probing questions, assessments, exercises, and prayer, readers will be transformed into better people, stronger leaders, and more effective Cultural Architects.


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